Day 6: Tina speaks of childhood ... Day 7: Plitvice National Park

Another delicious meal!
After Opatija, we headed south along the coast and then inland to the east ... toward Plitvice Lakes National Park. During the ride, our incredible guide, Tina, spoke to us about what it was like growing up in Communist Yugoslavia. She spoke of her experience in the "Pioneer Squad" ~ I think it could be described as a patriotic "girls and boys scouts" of Yugoslavia. It was wonderful to hear first hand some stories of what it was like to live under Communism.
Day 7
I failed to mention earlier that our lead guide, Tina, was pregnant while guiding our tour. And she was amazing ... her pregnancy never slowed her down and never put her in a bad mood. And she is now, as I write this, the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy!
We arrived at Plitvice Lakes in the late afternoon and had time to relax. The hotel we stayed at was located right outside the National Park entrance. Although we couldn't enter the park and see the waterfalls until the next morning, the hotel was located in the middle of a beautiful green forest that radiated peacefulness.

My mom and I enjoy the falls

Dinner in Plitvice
Hear a little about the Pioneer Squad from Tina
Day 6
Plitvice! What a breathtaking place. It's so amazing that I find it difficult to fairly describe it in words. Picture terraced lakes, innumerable waterfalls and cascades, and green everywhere. In Rick Steves' Croatia & Slovenia guidebook Plitvice is described as "one of Europe's most spectacular natural wonders.. Imagine Niagara Falls diced and sprinkled over a heavily forested Grand Canyon ... water that's both strangely clear and full of vibrant colors ... a misty natural wonderland." (p.76)
As we went to bed that evening we were treated to an incredible lightening and hail storm! (Sadly, I have no photos of it.)
I think my photos do a fair job of capturing the essence of Plitvice, but photos can never do as good a job as being there in person. I've included some video of the falls for you to hopefully get even more of a feel for this place.

Walkways winded there way through the park
I don't think that even video does Plitvice justice. You must go there and see it in person!

We hiked up on a side trail and got a great birdseye view of some of the lakes.


Our fabulous guide, Tina. Yes, her shirt says she's due in December
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