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A Rick Steves' Tour - The Best of the Adriatic
Day 9: Arrive in Korcula, ... Day10: Explore old town, Island relaxation ... Day 11: Ferry ride, Ston

Our guides, Renee and Tina, relaxed in Korcula
When we arrived in Korcula (the island), our busdriver, Janus, met us at the dock and drove us across the island to the town of Korcula. We checked into our hotel with great views of the old town and then went on a short orientation walk with Tina. I admit that I didn't listen to Tina's orientation very well ... the lighting was absolutely perfect ... I spent more time taking pictures than listening!

Great Land Gate, Entryway to Korcula's old town

Our hotel room in Korcula
Day 10

My mom climbs up the tower.

Korcula's Harbor in the evening light

Detail on St. Mark's Cathedral, Korcula

Bells ~ A church in Korcula

St. Mark's Cathedral, Korcula

Our room had a great view of Korcula's old town and harbor
Day 9

Coming up, Kate?
A few of us headed over to Buffet "Massimo" ... How often do you get to sip cocktails at the top of an ancient tower that's at the tip of a peninsula while watching the sunset? Wow!

Al, Diana, my mom, and Kate at Buffet "Massimo"

Me and Carol, Buffet "Massimo, Korcula

The crystal clear waters of Korcula
The next day on our tour was a completely free day. There was nothing scheduled ... it was our vacation from our vacation day. We had the full day in Korcula to do whatever we wanted. I started the day with my own exploration of the old town of Korcula. Take a look at my photos to get a taste of what I saw and did.

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun!
How I lost $50!
Not thinking anyone would take me up on it, I said to the five others that I was with, "If any of you can get this whole bar to sing a song together, I'll give you $50." (I excluded "Happy Birthday" as a song option.) Well, with a little encouraging from Diana and Carol, Al took me up on my challenge. He went around recruiting everyone to sing. Now, mind you this was an international group, speaking many different languages. Al had to actually teach his song to some of the tables.
Al Leads Singing
After enjoying sunset from the tower, we went out to dinner at a restaurant right next to the water, and then we went back to the hotel and crashed for the night!

Sunset from the tower

Kitty Cat Alley ~ How many can you find?

Korcula city wall & the tower that we were in last night!


The top of the tower is not very big. The seating is up top and the bar is actually down below. The waiters use a pulley system to bring the drinks up to the top of the tower.


The only way up to the prime seating in this bar is up a steep ladder. Once there, you're sitting on one of the highest points in the city wall. It's spectacular!

Al recruits singers

Local friends greet one another.
When I travel I love to pass time just observing locals and what life is like in their culture.

Korcula as seen from the mainland

I successfully summited the wall and returned to the bus on time!
The next morning, we boarded our bus again and headed to the dock to take a ferry across to the mainland. The line to get on the ferry was very long and, as we approached, there was question as to whether there was room for our bus on board. After receiving help from about 15 men directing the process, we were the last vehicle to board the ferry. We were so tightly packed onto the ferry that there was no room to open the door to get off the bus while crossing the channel.

Laundry day
I spent the rest of the day at the beach, relaxing in the sun and swimming in the clear, warm water. I really took a vacation from my vacation ... I didn't take any photos all afternoon! It was a nice, peaceful day.

Like many of the other towns, Korcula had a maze of streets

Me ~ Korcula in the background

Kudos to Janus for successfully driving the bus into such a narrow space!

One who wouldn't come out

A Korcula Door ... You may have started to realize that I like taking photos of doors

A little to the left ... no, a little to the right

"You've got this much space."

Everyone watches to see if it will work

The Croatian flag




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Day 11

Climbing the medieval wall in Ston

I don't think my mom is ready to reboard the bus
Our next destination was Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina. On our way, we stopped for a rest in Ston, Croatia. This was just a 20 minute bathroom stop, but I couldn't resist the challenge of climbing to the top of Ston's "Great Wall."
Once we were on the mainland, we stopped at a nice location to look back on the island of Korcula.

Renee & Tina ... discussing the day?

Ston, Croatia

Is there enough room?