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A Rick Steves' Tour - The Best of the Adriatic

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Day 12: Arrive in Dubrovnik ... Day 13: City Tour - City Wall Walk, Good-bye Dinner

Stradun Placa ~ seen from the city wall

The beach near our hotel

We met our Dubrovnik guide right at the entrance to the city

Our hotel in Dubrovnik
Day 13
During the war, Dubrovnik was bombed for 8 months. Among all the new terra cotta rooftops is a smattering of the old original rooftops.
We arrived in Dubrovnik in the evening. Our hotel was located in Lapad, a neighborhood a couple miles away from the old town. Everyone but me went in to the old town to eat dinner ... I was too tired. I took a short walk near our hotel and then crashed for the night.
We started out the last full day of our tour with a city tour of Dubrovnik. The highlight of this tour was walking part of the city wall.

Stradun Placa, the main street of Dubrovnik, before the crowds arrive

City wall and the source of all those tourists!

Dubrovnik guide, Mira

Our hotel room
Day 12

The view down to the water. I think it's about 75 feet down to the water at some points.

There are many steps up to the city wall

A contrast of the new and the old

My mom, as we start our walk on the city wall

Dubrovnik ~ exterior of city wall

My mom and I ate lunch in Dubrovnik with Belinda and Kate

Me on the city wall in Dubrovnik

One of Dubrovnik's main streets, Pred Dvorom
Understanding the break up Yugoslavia (and the wars that followed) is difficult. For a good explanation look at this page on the Rick Steves website.

The remnants of a Croatian flag from the siege of Dubrovnik. It's interesting that it looks like Dubrovnik on fire.

Restaurant Konavoka in Lapad (Dubrovnik)

The Fort of St. Lawrence as viewed from the city wall


The faces of young men who lost their lives in the siege of Dubrovnik

I like this cruise ship view


Me and my mom kayaking ~ Dubrovnik in the background
That evening, we ate our last dinner together. It was hard to believe we had to say goodbye. What an incredible time we had together!
The next morning we ate our breakfast for the last time with a few of our travel buddies. Some had actually left pre-dawn to fly home. My mom and I packed up and headed over to an apartment, a soba, we were renting in the old town of Dubrovnik. We still had a couple of nights to enjoy this beautiful city.
After walking at least half way around the city wall, our guide took us into the city. We visited Dubrovnik's Cathedral, St. Savior church, an exhibit on the siege of Dubrovnik, and more. After the city tour was over, we had the afternoon free to explore the city on our own. My mom and I sat down for a relaxing lunch and then we enjoyed a few hours of wandering through the streets of Dubrovnik.

My mom and me on the uppermost part of the city wall

Beautiful Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic
During our time there, we explored the city more, we walked the rest of the city wall, and, most fun of all, we kayaked around the city.
How big was the ship that used this anchor?
Our "Goodbye" Dinner
Day 14
My mom takes a break to look up at the city wall

Sadly, my mom and I eventually had to leave.

Goodbye, Dubrovnik ... Goodbye, Croatia, Slovenia, BiH ...
Goodbye, Adriatic!