Day 3: Julian Alps, Russian chapel, Soca River, arrive in Kobarid ... Day 4: Kobarid Museum, lunch at Kraljestvo Prsuta

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Smoked lard & horseradish spread - actually good!

Mount Triglav ("Three Heads")

The rain clouds were rolling in as we left Lake Bled. We drove northwest toward the Julian Alps and Vrsic Pass. The views were stunning!

We spent the afternoon driving over Vrsic Pass with its 50 hairpin turns.

Day 4

The Soca River

Russian Chapel
The Julian Alps were named for Julius Caesar.

Group photo - Vrsic Pass

The drive toward the Julian Alps
Day 3

This suspension bridge was very bouncy with all of us on it!

From the grand peaks to the details in the wildflowers, the Julian Alps are spectacular!
As we descended the mountains on the other side of the pass, we drove along the Soca River. We stopped at a nice spot to see where the river had cut a gorge into the land.

Mountain Picnic

My mom and me at the top of Vrsic Pass
After breakfast, we walked over to the Kobarid Museum to learn about the tragedy that occurred on the Soca Front in WWI. It was not an emotionally easy museum to tour. War kills real people with real lives. ... Not easy, but important not to forget.

Vrsic Pass, the road we were driving on, was built during WWI by Russian POWs to bring supplies to the front lines. Many of the Russian POWs died in the harsh conditions. We stopped to see the chapel that was built as a memorial to these men.

At the top of the pass, we stopped for a picnic and to enjoy the mountains. Tina and Renee had brought us a Slovene vodka, Slivovic, and treat, smoked lard, to try.

Nondescript, cement gravestones lined the entry hall

A fabulous relief map of the area. The museum guide used it to teach us about the WWI battles in the area.

The Soca River runs through Kobarid

Kobarid - View from our room
Before leaving Kobarid, we also went to the Italian Mausoleum which honors many of the Italians who lost their lives in the Soca Front.
Another delicious meal!

On the opposing wall, photos of the soldiers who fought the war


We ended our day and spent the night in Kobarid, a sweet, quiet town written of by Ernest Hemingway in A Farewell to Arms. We had a nice group dinner together ... and I learned how to filet a fish!

Kraljestvo Prsuta
We left Kobarid and drove toward Croatia. On our way we stopped at Kraljestvo Prsuta ~ a prosciutto drying business and restaurant. After eating lunch there, we got a tour and learned how prosciutto is made.

Ham, ham, ham, ham, hammmm.

My mom and Carol


Pam and Me

Prosciutto making tour


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