The People of Turkey I fell in love with the Turkish people. They are very warm and hospitable. I loved interacting with people wherever we went. At each place we visited, I tried to spend some time walking around by myself to be able to quietly observe authentic life in Turkey and to be able to interact with the people on my own. Here are my photos of many of the beautiful people that I encountered in Turkey.

When I first put this video on YouTube, I received many comments from Turks who felt that my slideshow was not a complete representation of Turks ... especially women. So, ... I want to say that this is not intended to represent all Turks.


Mom and Me in Turkey

I put this slideshow together for my mom. It's shows the trip from our perspective. (It includes some video of me attempting to create something on the potter's wheel when we went to a pottery demonstration.) (top)


Two Weeks in Turkey (Part 1)   This is the first half of a slideshow of our whole trip. I put this it together for everyone on our tour. (Both parts combined are just under 20 minutes.) (top)


Two Weeks in Turkey (Part 2) The second half!

This slideshow includes the music we danced to at the wedding in Guzelyurt and the Imam's chanting of the Koran. (Both are toward the beginning.)

The Best of Turkey - A Rick Steves' Tour

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Rick Steve's Tours

Here are a few slideshows of this amazing trip! By watching them, you can also get a taste of Turkish music.

Other Videos

You can also watch other videos on the following pages:

Janissary Band - Istanbul

Ballooning over Cappadocia - Cappadocia

Carpet Demonstration - Cappadocia

Korkuteli Farmer's Market - Pamukkale

The People of Turkey, Mom and Me in Turkey, Two Weeks in Turkey - Part One, Two Weeks in Turkey - Part Two,